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New 200 mL BottleBringing you the best infused culinary olive oils you'll ever find...

"Extravagonzo is the BEST garlic olive oil product on the planet, full flavored with a beautiful finish."
...Matt Caputo, Tony Caputo’s Market & Deli, Salt Lake City, UT

Try our infused olive oils and you'll see what Matt is talking about! We have four flavors to choose from:

Roasted Garlic Meyer Lemon Blood Orange Red Chili
Robust & aromatic
375 mL
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Fresh, bright, & bold
375 mL
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Tangy, sweet finish
375 mL
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Nice bite at the tail
375 mL
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Roasted Garlic Infused Culinary Oil Meyer Lemon Infused Culinary Oil Blood Orange Infused Culinary Oil Red Chili Infused Culinary Oil

About our flavors

We use only the finest quality ingredients – can you say first cold press extra virgin olive oil? – and it shows. Each flavor is memorable and leaves you wanting more! Our oils also work well for all cooking applications thanks to the 20% grape seed oil content. If you ever wanted to try flavored olive oils, these are the ones for you. And we haven't even started talking about the health benefits.

Extravagonzo infused culinary oils ... created for the gourmet in all of us!