Testimonials - extravaGONZO
“Best olive oil on the planet.”

— Alan Gould, Greeley, CO

The BEST & most flavorful oils I’ve ever used. I found them at the McCall Farmers Market. The Lemon Oil is delicious for sautéing vegetables. It’s a nice light flavor that’s perfect. Now I want to eat more spinach because it pairs so well.
Love it, Thank you!

– Janell Hodsdon

I was fortunate enough to meet Tom on the trail a few years back. Thank YOU Extravagonzo for making great, wholesome foods for us to enjoy. The balsamic vinegar is hands down the best I’ve ever tried, as topping on vanilla ice cream it’s amazing. I use the oils to cook just about everything from meat to vegetables.
Wrap asparagus in bacon, add a thin layer of chili pepper oil and bake
375° for 15 min, mmmmmm!

– Dave Seamons, Boise, Idaho

I love these oils. They really make the food taste wonderfully. I really like the Lemon Oil and Roasted Garlic. They are all I use now.

– Lori Hardisty

Love these oils. My kitchen would be empty without them. The Blood Orange is great on salmon.

– Bob Young

“This is the finest infused oil available…”

– brucedoesbms

“They’re fantastic. The Chili Oil has added a nice kick to everything I’ve used, and the Blood Orange Oil when I was making some fried green tomatoes was so good I wanted to call friends up and have them come over and see for themselves… well, except that I ate them all.”

— gregmce

These are great oils. We order by the case!

– Brenda Freed

You’ve made me a user!

– Joe Schafer

“We’ve already gone through two bottles! I used to be a professional chef so I don’t usually do these things – I tend to make my own – but this is FANTASTIC!”

— Customer at the Boise Food Co-op, Boise, ID

“We already had eggs with it today – UNBELIEVABLE!”

— Customers at the Market at Park City, Park City, UT

“I want you to know we are addicted – in a good way! – to your olive oil. We use it in everything. It stands up on its own – dipping – or carries nicely as the base in sauces, etc. This is a delightful addition to our daily food prep.”

— Customer at West Seattle Thriftway, Seattle, WA

“I’m addicted to this stuff and this is my 4th bottle. Thank you very much for developing such a fine product!”

– Customer at West Seattle Thriftway, Seattle, WA

“I actually have a brand (of roasted garlic olive oil) that I already use but I’ll try yours…WOW, that’s good, far better – I’ll buy it!”

— Customer at Sunshine Foods, St. Helena, CA

“I just sauteed some zucchini from my garden with your Roasted Garlic olive oil and it was AMAZING! Best I ever made or had! I wanted to use fresh garlic, but I was out so I used your product instead. So incredibly delicious!”

— Carol

“I’ve gone down to Salt Lake City and tasted several roasted garlic olive oils from $10 to $100 and none of them are as flavorful as this!”

— Customer at the Market at Park City, Park City, UT

“I had a lady come through with six bottles. She lives 45 miles away and the only reason she drives in is to buy this Garlic Olive Oil. She’s nuts about it! Of course, she buys additional groceries when she’s here. And there are many other people who come through with more than one bottle.”

— Cashier at the Market at Park City, Park City, UT

“Bought some [Blood Orange Culinary Oil] and need lots more!
So delicious, especially with chicken, quinoa, and mint!”

Jill McCurdy, Denver, CO

“ My friend gave me a bottle of your Meyer Lemon Culinary Oil and now it’s a must have in my kitchen!!!!”

Judith Harrington, Melbourne, FL

“My daughter loves your Meyer Lemon Olive Oil and gave me a bottle. I was won over.”

Virginia Hanson, Casa Grande, AZ

“ My friend gave me a bottle of your Meyer Lemon Culinary Oil and now it’s a must have in my kitchen!!!!”

Judith Harrington, Melbourne, FL

“A while ago Mazzarro [Tampa, FL specialty store] quit carrying ExtravaGONZO but offered less expensive alternatives so we decided to try something different. There was NO comparison–zero! We tried oils from various specialty stores when we traveled around the country but still NO comparison. ExtravaGONZO is the absolute BEST (well worth any price difference).”

Debra Benedict, Tampa Bay, FL

“Bought your Balsamics at Park City, Utah Farmers Market and love, love love it.”

– Douglas Vesledahl, Sun City, AZ

“I bought your Classic Balsamic Vinegar at a small store in Jackson, CA.  Love how smooth and sweet the flavor of this balsamic vinegar is.  Had to order more!”

— Denise Amaral, CA

The balsamic vinegar best I have had!! Really nice and sweet. Also, a little thicker than others so it stands up nicely when poured in olive oil to dip bread it. YUM!!!

— Lisa Morgan

“It’s as good as a fine red wine.”

— Customer after buying their 3rd bottle

“Your White Balsamic Vinegar is the best I have ever tasted. I bought it at Whole Foods in Santa Fe over the holidays and will be going back for more. Thank you for such a delicious product!”

— Genelle